High Standards

All our products are manufactured to a high standard. With over 100 years combined experience, we are able to achieve most of our customer’s requirements.

Our joinery is produced using traditional mortice & tenon joints.

When replacing joinery in a property that is listed or in a conservation area, we can adapt our profiles to replicate those of the existing joinery. We can use traditional glazing bars for face puttied glazing or alternatively where double glazed sealed units are required we can replicate the appearance of a traditional width glazing bar. To achieve this the external part of the bar which is moulded to look like the face putty is jointed into the casement and also applied to the glass, the internal part of the bar has a traditional ovolo moulding which is mitred to the other bars/perimeter beads and bonded to the internal face of the glass. All sealed units which have glazing bars applied using this method have internal dummy spacer bars so as to give the appearance of individual sealed units.

Whereas some joinery manufactures only bond glazing bars to the glass, our method ensures that it will not come off the glass in the event of bonding method breaking down.

The casements all have a drained and vented glazing system to allow a free flow of air to circulate around the sealed unit which helps to avoid the breakdown of the units.

Windows and doors are fitted with weatherseal as standard. We have a wide range of fittings for windows that you can choose from. We have a selection available to view in the workshop.

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